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Rob Simpson
28 December 1971
Hi, I'm Rob. I work for Clearchannel Entertainment Live Nation Entertainment(http://livenation.com) as a computer programmer and Technical Lead. Mostly MS techs (.NET, C#, VB etc) and Java (J2SE,J2EE). My job is primarily to build stuff for the internal business/accounting people. I also do a little tracking of customer related issues, and I spend a reasonable amount of time fixing fuck-ups for a couple of the business people that have HUA syndrome (Head Up Ass). As a whole, it is pretty good though, the environment is relaxed and I get to dream up and crank out applications as they seem to be needed. I've been using c# since the day the first command line compiler was distributed, I think it is mighty keen. I've even been known to provide a little assistance on the newsgroups and LJ communities from time to time.

I live in NW Houston, where I like to drink beer (or Whiskey), play darts and foosball, play golf, play NTN trivia, eat too much food, jog, sleep late, etc.
Sometimes when I am feeling really ambitious I even take out my car and drive really freaking fast.

I own a house in NW Houston. I spend a decent amount of time working on my gardens or some project in and around the house. Remember, it is not officially considered a project until your third trip to the hardware store, until then it is just a chore. Anyway, I have parts of it looking quite nifty. You should come by and see it ;)
My two major "at home" hobbies seem to be cooking and playing WoW on the computer. By some miracle I haven't managed to either burn down the house nor mistakingly season and eat any computer parts... yet.
My current main WoW character is:

I seem to constantly be in need of a massage and a nap.

By reading this journal, realize that I tend to write about the bad more than the good, sorta a venting place.

And another note... if you go back and read my old posts, and decide to comment, please drop me an email, as I have the comment notification turned off.

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