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another kitchen adventure...

So What is Rob making in the kitchen today?

Wait, This is cooking, right? Not science lab?

Gently heat the milk and the citric acid (2tsp) to 88F:

At 88F add 1/4 of a rennet tablet, the curdle is nearly instant (the previous pic and this one are less than 90 seconds apart:

(ignore the dirty stove, please)

Seperate the curds from the whey:

Curds: (dump the whey on some plants)

Press the Curds to remove as much of the whey as possible:

What you've missed is about 5-10 minutes of kneading, stretching, and microwaving this (to keep it hot, as it doesnt stretch if not hot), and the result? Homemade Mozzarella. (it was pretty good on my chicken spaghetti last night).
I used the "fast method". There's a slow method too, that is said to add more flavor to the cheese.

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