Rob Simpson (emyrs) wrote,
Rob Simpson

Adventures in Rob's kitchen...

I forgot to pile all the ingredients up ahead of time this time around, so we'll have to give you more hints (actually the ingredients would have been a dead give-away anyway.)

Mirepoix (well, ok, its in the soup/stew category):

16qt stock pot:

Hey, something is in there!

Ham hocks, Vegetable Stock and something else...? oh! Peas!

Now, to digress a bit. I do NOT like english peas. I don't like the taste or the texture. EXCEPT when they are in this particular dish. Every year after christmas dad would take the ham bone and make this, well his version of this...

Keep cooking it til the peas break down and the hambone falls apart (about 4 hours in this case):

(now pull all the loose meat off the bones and toss it back into the pot)

Garnish with some chopped scallion and some crispy bacon and serve:

it was called Hambone Soup growing up, more commonly its known as Split Pea with Ham
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